Drug addicted but in recovery, and eating disordered. I'm the life of the fucking party.

Justin and I made our 13th stepping official and admitted (after almost a month of lying to ourselves) that we’re dating. Also, he finally got full custody of his daughter and super awkward, she’s got the same name as me. 

My sponsor is fully aware of everything, and while she doesn’t agree with it, she’s going to be there for me if I need help figuring out how to date and stuff.

So yeah, while this has a 97% chance of ending terribly, I’m happy now and I’m just trying to do this as best I can and be healthy using the tools I have. 

  • 17 03 2013
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  1. manifestabsurdity said: omg, same name as the daughter? That’s … pretty damned hilarious actually, but yeah, I can see how that’d be completely awkward. Glad yer happy :D
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